6400 Dollar Subsidy Real or Fake – All you need to know about it!

A recent health benefits scam has been spreading online through sponsored advertising featuring celebrities and alleged beneficiaries, claiming to pay $6400 for groceries, rent, and gas.

6400 Dollar Subsidy Real or Fake

The government doesn’t provide citizens grants or free money for personal expenses. Find out here how to report “free money” scammers, how to refrain from fake subsidies, and locate whether these subsidies are true or not.

Did Joe Biden support a federal scheme to offer a $6,400 “health subsidy” to all Americans who watched a Facebook video

That is untrue; the assertion that the government is freely disbursing thousands of dollars worth of health benefits is a scam. These kinds of scams usually appear with advertisements that ask if a person is in need of insurance or federal assistance.

6400$ Subsidy 

This time, the narrative revolved around an individual who was eligible for and successfully obtained $6,400 from a health-related subsidy. The story went viral once more. But it’s a great scam for people.

The story of the $6,400 subsidy first surfaced in 2003. A Facebook video post that stated anyone might receive $6400 in their bank account went viral on March 13, 2003

The woman can be heard on the video claiming that she called the health hotline and was approved for $6400 in credits. All the signs point to the $6400 health subsidy being a fraud intended to defraud vulnerable people of their money and personal information.

Together with her joyful celebration of being able to meet her financial demands, the woman sent a link to the website where she said anyone may verify their eligibility. 

A handful of people ready to receive the health subsidy visited the specially designated website. They provided the necessary registration details, such as their address, phone number, income, and other insurance coverage in addition to their zip code.

6400 Dollar Subsidy Real or Fake

Health Insurance

Under the Affordable Care Act, everyone is required to have health insurance, with exceptions for those covered by employer’s insurance or Medicare or Medicaid. If you would like to get insurance, you can go to any local health office.

Medicaid offers free or inexpensive medical care for limited means, children, pregnant women, and disabled individuals. Eligibility for health subsidies requires filing a tax return and a Premium Tax Credit.

Some Indicators Which Show This 6400$ Subsidy Is Real or Fake

Even while receiving free money seems good, there are several clear indicators that the $6400 offer is a fraud:

  • The website is not connected to any official government health program and is not a.gov site.
  • Direct cash payouts from government subsidies are contingent upon meeting qualifying requirements.
  • Such a large subsidy has never been announced by any health agency.
  • Scammers frequently pretend as government employees and put victims under strain by acting fast.
  • Users never receive the promised money after registering.

How Do Government Health Subsidies Operate?

Official health subsidies like Medicaid and Medicare do not deposit money directly into people’s accounts, despite what the $6400 video portrays. Age, income, and handicap status are among the many criteria that determine eligibility for these programs, which have strict requirements.

Candidates have to go through a rigorous approval process and submit a lot of paperwork. Those who are accepted receive services or coverage for medical needs rather than direct financial aid. 

Rather than social media films with misleading claims, official government websites offer accurate information on actual subsidy schemes.

How Can Customers Protect Against 6400$ Subsidy Fraud and Refrain from It?

Vigilance is necessary to protect money and personal information due to the increase in sophisticated digital scams. Some best practices are as follows:

  • Before giving any website or person your info, make sure it’s trustworthy and official 
  • Visit the official websites and announcements of the government.
  • If you have a friend who is working as a Government employee, you just need to confirm with him/her.
  • Any questions or complaints should be directed to health and human services organizations.
  • Resist the urge to hurry things along.
  • Steer clear of requests for information or money that appear too good to be true or urgent.
  • Check reliable sources before believing unsubstantiated assertions from websites or videos from third parties. 

What To Do if You’ve Been Tricked?

If you have been met with any fake subsidy, you need to take some immediate action which we discuss here:

  • Make immediate contact with your Bank Holder.
  • Check your credit cards and bank accounts.
  • If you have no strong passwords for any type of card, it’s risky.
  • If you believe your password has been compromised by a scammer, you must reset it or change it to a strong one.
  • Request that your bank charge back your money if scammers have already taken advantage of the transaction.
  • You can report to the official website of the Federal Trade Commission.
  • Be sure next time before installing any subsidy whether it’s true or fake.

To stay secure and safe, follow our recommendations which we have given above, and verify from official sources before getting any type of subsidy.

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10 thoughts on “6400 Dollar Subsidy Real or Fake – All you need to know about it!”

  1. Well I got fooled into getting Obama care Insurence which is pretty good for free health insurance
    They said something about sending out a card with the money on it and never asked for a bank account or a cash app. So worst comes to worst u don’t get a card lol.

    • Because Google makes money everytime the video is watched. And you can call Google out on it but you will never get a response. It’s called GREED.

  2. The commercial with the rock or Oprah informing people on Facebook that you can get a $6,400 a month no pay back if you pass there 2 questions which is 1 do you make less than 50,000 a year and are you on Medicare or Medicaid is it legit I really need to know thanks.

  3. No the spending card for groceries, rent, gas does not happen. A healthcare plan at $0 does happen. But don’t expect any kind of card with cash loaded on it, that can be used to buy food for your family or help keep a roof over your head …. That part is bullshit. These websites get paid for feeding enrollment applications to big healthcare companies like Aetna, United Health, Cigna etc. When they enroll you for the healthcare plan, and have you resign the document… No mention is made of the spending card. When ask, “what about the spending card that will help me pay my rent and buy groceries?”, they tell you that it will come from the plan provider…. and when you ask the plan provider about it, they say . .. “if there is any kind of gift card or cash incentive, it would be from the website that signed you up.” …. Oh, really? How convenient, since it was reached thru one of many links now saturating the Internet and it’s impossible to determine which one you landed on, and if you do get back to a live rep and they figure out that someone already signed you up for the healthcare policy and that you are calling about the spending card… They quickly disconnect the call or repeat what was said initially… That it will be sent from the provider, not them. There seriously needs to be some kind of checks and balance system governing some rules and ethical business practices when it comes to advertisements like these or even the total B.S. advertisements for games that can earn you hundreds of dollars direct ti yiur paypal or CashApp accts. or gift cards worth enough to actually buy anything .. it’s all out of control . Shame on the YouTube “influencers” and celebrities selling themselves out to promote total crap.

  4. Appreciate the information although that subsidy just don’t make sense, why would you think you’re going to get 6400 from the government…this makes no actual sense!!! Critical thinking folks, use it!


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