Bigg Boss Vote Telugu Voting Results – Check the details here!

Star Ma is currently hosting the elimination process for contestants in Telugu, with the show running on weekends at 9:00 pm and weekdays at 10:00 pm. Find the Bigg Boss Telugu 7 voting list, timings, and much more!

Bigg Boss Vote Telugu Voting Results

There will be frequent updates regarding the Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Poll Status voting. All of the candidates’ total votes as well as their percentage of the total votes will be shown. 

Only votes cast via Hotstar, online, or by missing calls to Star Maa numbers will be counted. A substantial number of votes need to be cast in order to guarantee the triumph of their chosen Bigg Boss challenger.

Vote Poll for Bigg Boss 7

Voting for Bigg Boss 7 Telugu is possible by missed calls and online. For additional information regarding today’s Star Maa Bigg boss Telugu vote, see the results, missed call numbers, status, and more below. 

Every week, housemates propose two other individuals for expulsion; as a result, the house member with the most number of nominations is obliged to take part in a public vote.

How To Vote On Hotstar?

There are multiple ways to cast an online vote for your preferred competitor. One of them is Hotstar, you can vote by following these steps:

biggg boss 7

  • Use your mobile number or email address after installing it. Take out the Hotstar app.
  • Visit Bigg Boss Telugu’s landing page.
  • The “vote” button is located beneath the banner and will take you to Telugu’s big boss page.
  • Clicking the vote button brings up a list of nominated contestants. Choose a contender and click the vote button.
  • Everybody has the ability to vote and store up to 50 votes every day via email and mobile numbers.

How to Vote On Google?

This voting process is brand-new and distinct. The audience is finding the voting procedure much easier as Bigg Boss is introducing additional voting modes, compared to the previous few techniques:

  • Choose your favorite contestant by searching for “Bigg Boss Vote” on Google.
  • Next, make your vote. That’s enough.

Anticipated Results of This Week’s Bigg Boss Telugu Vote 

Based on the proportion of Bigg Boss Telugu vote scooptimes that are stated below, this week’s results are determined. See Bigg Boss Telugu Result for a thorough analysis. The precise count of votes has not yet been made public. Some sources state that the following are the most recent voting results:

  • Pallavi Prashanth received 23,559 votes, or 43.5% of the total.
  • Amardeep received 11,517 votes, or 18.63% of the total.
  • 11.33% (7,396 votes) for Bhole Shavali
  • 9.71% (6,483 votes) went to Gautham Krishna.
  • Teja’s tasty rating: 8.28% (5,675 votes).
  • 4,234 votes for Ashwini Sree, or 5.73%
  • 2.82% (2,593 votes) for Pooja Murthy

Week 6 Nominations for Season 7 Bigg Boss Telugu

Week 6’s participants included:

  • Ashwini Sree 
  • Prince Yawar 
  • Nayani Pavani
  • Amardeep 
  • Tasty Teja
  • Shobha Shetty

Vote House rules for Bigg Boss Telugu

Bigg Boss Season 7 is not like the previous seasons. The following are the requirements that Bigg Boss Telugu contestants must meet in order to stay in the house for a full 100 days.

  • The Bigg Boss Housemates never discuss the appointment process with nominees or other member homes.
  • Housemates are free to leave the house at any moment unless the boss gives them permission.
  • The competitor is not permitted to sleep during the day.
  • Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Vote participants are not allowed to insult other competitors or household items.
  • Talking in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, or English alone is not acceptable among roommates.

Week 10 Threat For Contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu 7

In Week 10, four participants are at risk and five contestants are vying for the title. Nevertheless, four of them are under threat due to the smaller number of votes that support them. 

Recent voting results indicate that every housemate in the nominations is in danger except for Sivaji, who is ahead with 42.71% (2413 votes).

Host of Bigg Boss Telugu 7 

Nagarjuna Akkineni is the host of Bigg Boss Telugu 7. This is his third consecutive year hosting the program. Seasons three and four were likewise hosted by him.

Timing of Big Boss Telugu 7 

The timing of the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 is from Monday to Friday(9:00 pm) and Saturday to Sunday (10:00 pm).

Telugu Seaon’s Bigg Boss 4 Contestants usually receive compensation according to their worth and level of success. A more well-known participant would be paid more than a less well-known one.

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  2. Shobha shetty. She is not playing correct game. I think she don’t know how to play. She thinks always about dirty strategy. Cunning mind, cunning plans. Testy teja used by shobha shetty like a “BAKARA”.. for content only.. Priyanka and Amar also influenced by shobha. Thats way they loss that housemate and Captancy contendership.”Actually shobha firebrand. But her fire not using proper way ” In the single word “”SHOBHA IS A CUNNING MINDSET GIRL””

    • Think before saying anything…she is the first female house contestant and captain also..
      She always try to win and stand her side without support from anyone… And mention this not only Priyanka shoba … Rathika yawar Aswani bole also a group players and making BAKARS to each other’s… Aswani are not playing games and she can’t defend herself he have no points on others… Rathika is begging for game that is not a winner quality…she is not eligible for bb 7 unworthy candidates… First observe the thinks and take best decision to understand.

      • How can you still support shoba she cont even play without the help of star ma batch Arjun was right about his desition that she had survived till now with the help of other and luck so that can really prove the dark side of her

    • Shoba and Priyanka point lekunda edhi matladaru.rathika and aswini point lekunda vithanda vadam chestaru and monna nominations lo kuda rathika Priyanka ni nominate chesaka shoba dagariki vellaka murmuring cheyodhu Ani chepindhi.kani eppudaithe Priyanka aswini ni nominate chesindho akkada sambandham lekunda murmuring chesindhi.ante Priyanka chesthe tappu adhe murmuring rathika chesthe correct a.rajamathalu nominations lo kuda Priyanka and shoba dominate chesaru annaru kani a rathika noru musukoni kurchundhi.aswini emo serila acting chesindhi.point lekunda edchi janalo sympathy sadisthundhi.monna rathika shoba captaincy bavundhi Ani nagarjuna sir dagara oka mata chepi malli nominations lo bad captain Ani chepindhi.idhi double crossed.okasari eliminate ayaka kuda second chance vaste ollu dagara pettukoni adali.alantidhi edutavalla mida rechagottelaga oka pyachoism chupisthundhi.adhi waste rathika ki.rathika correct aithe Rahul vadileyadu kadha.daniki konchem screw loose.and shoba and Priyanka are strong girls Ani sivaji ne chala sarlu chepadu.rathikaki sivaji entha support ichina kani ayanani kuda lekkacheyadhu.ame bigg Boss lone kadhu thana life ni kuda a attitude tho happy ga lead cheyadhu

    • Ohhh really! U r right aswani and rathika are very talented in depending on others to survive in big boss… They can’t play they can’t defend for themselves and lag the things which can not be related to the topics…😤🙏 Don’t take stupid decisions bro… Observe the things and take good decision for voting…

  3. Shoba Shetty should be eliminate, she is showing her attitude, worst behaviour and cunning attitude, fake when comes to games. And more over she is to cry every thing and not taking it as sporting spirit.

  4. What nonsense is going on big boss… Rathika and aswani are weak contestants they are not playing games properly and not standing by there own feet depending on others to survive in big boss… Priyanka and shoba are independent and self played persons they are so confident and real persons don’t eliminate them ! Everyones know the real things about each and every person’s . Soo don’t take stupid decisions … Pls vote for Priyanka and shoba…

  5. People are blind…. No one is observing the way of defence and arguing there points clearly and playing games with strategy to win… Today I’m really very upset to watching the voting polls… Rathika and aswani are the waste and week contestents in big boss…they can’t play and can’t stand by there own feet always depending on yawar shivaji garu support and aswani for bole… Both girls are very useless and unworthy to big boss 7 pls support priyanka and shoba and eliminate #rathika aswani weak contestants.

  6. Why did you save sivaji .he is influence yawar,Prasantha,rathika etc.didnt see any thing else about sivaji.please eliminate rathika, Ashwini and sivaji.please choose a perfect person to win that trophy 🏆.I think Amar Deepa is deserve to a winner of bigg Boss trophy 🏆🏆. please save Amar Deepa and Priyanka 🙏🙏🙏😄

  7. Eliminate rathika and Ashwin they are not fit for bb7 they know only Target Priyanka and shoba for fighting .they came for only sitting eating and meetings.

  8. shoba ni eliminate chesi malli ndhuku house loki pamparu allanti meeku nachina valani meere eliminate cheskondi epati shoba 5 weeks nunchi start maa ne save chesthunadhi Star batch ni entha varaku eliminate cheyaledhu alanti appudu ndhuku malli nominations and eliminations meeku nachindhi meeru chesthunaru kandha cheskondi already scripted anni andhariki ardham iendhi

  9. Chethamoham vadu nakkaji cunning fellow Amar ni Target chesi notiki vachinatlu matladatunnadu stupid fellow Amar kadu 420 sivaji pedha 420 gadu waste fellow


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