War 2 Rеlеasе Datе – Casts, Plot, Trailer, Budget and more to know!

Thе much-awaitеd sеquеl, dirеctеd by thе visionary filmmakеr Siddharth Anand, has bееn officially announcеd to rеlеasе on August 14, 2025, coinciding with India’s Indеpеndеncе Day wееkеnd.  War 2 Rеlеasе Datе Gеt rеady for an adrеnalinе-fuеlеd action еxtravaganza, as thе highly anticipatеd sеquеl to thе 2019 blockbustеr film ‘War’ is sеt to hit thеatеrs in 2025.  … Read more

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Star Ma is currently hosting the elimination process for contestants in Telugu, with the show running on weekends at 9:00 pm and weekdays at 10:00 pm. Find the Bigg Boss Telugu 7 voting list, timings, and much more! Bigg Boss Vote Telugu Voting Results There will be frequent updates regarding the Bigg Boss 7 Telugu … Read more

Sam Bahadur Box Office Collection – Day 1 Earning Details!

Meghna Gulzar’s film Sam Bahadur is scheduled to open in theatres on Friday, December 1. According to reports, the movie “Sam Bahadur” may be around ₹6 to ₹8 Crores on opening day. Sam Bahadur Box Office Collection The Vicky Kaushal film “Sam Bahadur” is the focus of attention when it opens in theatres today, December … Read more

Sam Bahadur Review – Direction & Music, Plot, Cast, Location & Budget

Sam Bahadur is a documentary film, and the accompanying music drowns out the moments, to find out more about this movie’s review stay tuned. Sam Bahadur Review Sam Bahadur has the feel of a documentary film. The video is packed with intricate geopolitical relationships between nations, political parties, and sociopolitical history. Meghna Gulzar, however, never … Read more

Squid Game Season 2 – Release Date, Cast, Plot & Streaming 

Netflix’s second season of Squid Game, the worldwide phenomenon, is about to premiere. The show will released on November 22, 2023, at three in the morning EST. Squid Game Season 2 This is not the second season of The Challenge. The fictional show served as the inspiration for the actual series; however, the Squid Game … Read more

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Original and recent films that are available for streaming right now on all major platforms are Netflix, Max, Prime Video, and others. Best Streaming Movies Right Now on Various Platforms Every week, there are some excellent additions, including some Oscar-baiting. With our weekly selection, we make sure you never run out of fresh content to … Read more