Deepfake: What it is, How to Spot it, and Who’s Behind it?

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology known as “Deepfake” may be used to produce realistic-looking fake photos, audio, and movies. The word “deepfake” refers to a combination of anything fake and the deep learning idea. Deepfake Deepfake uses machine learning algorithms to patch together faked visuals and audio. It thus produces entities and occurrences that are either … Read more

Tesla Model 3 Maintenance Cost – Check year-wise annual expenses!

Tesla Model 3 Maintenance Cost $3,587 in its first 10 years. This exceeds the premium sedan industry average by $8,374. A significant Model 3 repair is 8.64% likely within that period. Tesla Model 3 Maintenance Cost The Tesla Model 3 Maintenance Cost of $832 for replacing an internal combustion engine (ICE) is around $652 per … Read more

2024 Porsche Panamera Hybrid – Features, Price & Availability

The third generation Porsche Panamera, which will have modifications to the chassis, interior, and mechanicals, as well as a fully hybrid vehicle with two air suspension configurations and a higher starting price of $101,550 in 2024. 2024 Porsche Panamera Hybrid Porsche is set to introduce four distinct E-Hybrid drivetrain options, one of which is the … Read more

6400 Dollar Subsidy Real or Fake – All you need to know about it!

A recent health benefits scam has been spreading online through sponsored advertising featuring celebrities and alleged beneficiaries, claiming to pay $6400 for groceries, rent, and gas. 6400 Dollar Subsidy Real or Fake The government doesn’t provide citizens grants or free money for personal expenses. Find out here how to report “free money” scammers, how to … Read more

Multichoice Bursary Application 2024 – Requirements, Benefits, Apply Online

With a value of R32 million, the Multichoice Bursary Application 2024 has officially opened for applications, and more than 200 students may now pursue higher education. On January 27, 2024, applications will close. Multichoice Bursary Application 2024 Applications are now being accepted for the 2024 Multichoice Bursary Application, which will provide financial support to more … Read more

Mysterious Pneumonia Outbreak in China – Clusters of Respiratory Illness in Children!

On 13, November China reported a Mysterious Pneumonia Outbreak. More than 1,200 children are affected by the Mysterious Pneumonia Outbreak in China and the number is still increasing. Mysterious Pneumonia Outbreak in China The World Health Organization (WHO) has been pressuring China to provide more details on the epidemic and look for improved response methods … Read more

PLI Scheme 2.0 Purpose, Objectives & 27 Approved Companies!

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Union Cabinet authorized the Production Linked Incentive Scheme – 2.0 for IT hardware, building on the success of the earlier scheme for mobile phones, laptops, and all PCs. PLI Scheme The Production Linked Incentive (PLI) Scheme for the National Programme on High-Efficiency Solar PV Modules is being implemented by the Ministry … Read more