QLD govt Cost of Living Rebate – Eligibility, Amount & Payment Date 

The cost of living rebate for vulnerable households obtaining the Queensland Electricity Rebate is $700, and for all other Queensland households, the cost of living refund is $550, as stated by the government of Queensland for the year 2024.

QLD govt Cost of Living Rebate

Eligible households are receiving assistance from the Australian and Queensland governments by using the Energy Bill Relief Fund.

The Queensland government’s cost-of-living relief plan is an extension of this assistance. For the 2023–2024 fiscal year, the Queensland government has unveiled the Cost-of-Living Rebate.   

In essence, the refund will be applied to the power bills of qualified consumers, who qualify according to the following criteria:

  • A $700 Cost of Living Rebate will be automatically applied to the electricity bill of qualifying needy households that receive the $372 Queensland Electricity Rebate in 2023–2024, increasing their total relief to $1,072.
  • All other households in Queensland will be entitled to a $550 Cost of Living Rebate on their power bills in 2023–2024. 

If they fulfill the requirements, residential consumers in privately owned attached networks are also qualified for reimbursement.

Who is eligible for the Cost of Living Rebate for all other households? 

To be eligible for the $700 or $550 rebate, residential customers must have an electricity consideration with their energy supplier and be separately measured and sent an invoice for the electricity they use.

Customers who do not receive an additional electrical bill or whose assets are not independently metered for instance, if their rent contains electricity will not receive refunds.

QLD govt Cost of Living Rebate

What is the estimated amount of the Cost of Living rebates?

Those in Queensland who are eligible for the Cost of Living Rebate will experience power cost savings in 2023–2024. One of the following will apply to capable households:

  • The total amount of rebates for Queenslanders experiencing the most hardship is $1,072.
  • $550 for every other household in Queensland 
  • For eligible vulnerable households, a $700 Cost of Living Rebate is applied to electricity bills. 
  • An additional $372 is given to those who receive the Queensland Electricity Rebate.

Who is eligible for a cost of living rebate for vulnerable households? 

If you currently receive the $372 Queensland Electricity Rebate, you will be automatically qualified for the $700 Cost of Living Rebate. 

If you are not eligible for the $372 Queensland Electricity Rebate, you can find out. To be eligible for this rebate, you must fulfill the criteria for being eligible, which include having any of the following:

  • Veterans Affairs or Seniors Card Services in Queensland  
  • Health Card for Australia
  • Services for Pensioner Concession Cards
  • The federally funded Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Gold Card, the Wartime Widow Pension, and the special rate TPI Pension are only available to residents who can provide their ImmiCard information.
  • This covers people with Low-Income Health Care Cards or Ex-Carer Compensation Child Health Care Cards.
  • The electricity rebate is not available for the Foster Child Health Care Card, Seniors Business Discount Card, or Commonwealth Seniors Health Card.

How do you receive a cost of living rebate?

To lower the amount you owe on your next payment, your electricity provider will often immediately debit the Cost of Living Rebate to your account. What applies to you will determine when and how this happens. Below are three different kinds of conditions that you can find.

If the $372 Queensland Energy Rebate is currently available to you.

  • You don’t need to take any action if you currently get a rebate from the Queensland Electricity Rebate Scheme. 2023–2024, the $700 Cost of Living Rebate ($175 per quarter) will be directly added to your power account.

If the $372 Queensland Electricity Refund is not received

  • You can get a $550 Cost of Living Rebate if you are not eligible for the Queensland Electricity Rebate. In 2023–2024, the refund of $137.50 per quarter will be directly credited to the electrical bill.

If you are a resident of an embedded network

  • You can be qualified for the Cost of Living Rebate if you reside in an embedded network. If you get your energy from your landlord or stratum in a retirement community, apartment complex, RV park, or village, you typically live in an embedded network.

When can you expect to receive it?

The Cost of Living Rebate will typically be applied quarterly to power bills for most homes. The first three installments will show up on electricity bills sent out after July 2023, October 2023, and January 2024, when they were applied to accounts. 

The last payment is scheduled for April 2024. The precise timing will vary based on the different billing cycles and technical needs of the retailers.

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