Shraddha Joshi Sharma IRS Biography, Early Life & Education, Net Worth 

An Indian Revenue Services officer from the 2007 batch, Shraddha Joshi Sharma is 45 years old. She is the ideal representation of a woman. She is the spouse of successful IPS officer Manoj Kumar Sharma. 

Shraddha Joshi Sharma IRS Biography 

Shraddha Joshi Sharma is a distinguished Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officer whose life story is a captivating account of commitment and affection. Shraddha was born in Almora, Uttar Pradesh, on March 5, 1979. 

She has had a distinguished career spanning more than 16 years. Intricately woven into her life is a remarkable love story with Indian Police Service (IPS) officer Manoj Kumar Sharma, which extends beyond her accomplishments in the IRS. 

Their tenacity and victories are highlighted in the recent film “12th Fail,” which chronicles their journey.   

Early Life of Shraddha Joshi 

The birthdate of Sraddha Joshi is March 5, 1979. She is 5 feet 5 inches tall. her weight is 55 kilograms. She is an Indian Revenue Services officer (IRS) who is 45 years old. 

Her brother, Himanshu Joshi, works in the American corporate sector, and her sister, Deeksha Joshi, is a doctor by profession.

Her hometown is Almora, a tiny hamlet in Uttarakhand. She attended Almora for her education

Early Education of Shraddha Joshi Sharma 

She finished her elementary schooling with the Uttar Pradesh Board and placed 13th in the region for the 12th-grade examination. Joshi was always a gifted learner who achieved academic success.

She continued her education after graduating from high school, studying Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery at Gurukula Kangri in Haridwar.

Even after finishing her education, Joshi was working as a doctor in an Uttarakhand hospital.

Shraddha Joshi Sharma IRS Biography 

Why did she want to work for the IRS as an officer? 

A great moment in Shraddha’s life marked the start of her path towards civil services. She was deeply affected by seeing a devastating case of a hospitalized woman who had been the victim of domestic abuse.

She came to know that the civil services was her true calling. She therefore relocated to Delhi to get ready for the UPSC exam and enrolled in the Drishti IAS coaching program in order to get the right advice.

Shraddha Joshi Sharma’s Success in UPSC Exam 

Shraddha Joshi Sharma was successful in 2005 and was appointed deputy collector in Nainital after passing the PCS exams. 

She achieved AIR 121 and she passed the UPSC’s 2007 civil services examinations and became a member of the 2007 batch of the Indian Revenue Service (IRS).

During the UPSC preparation days, Joshi had coached Manoj.They both  fell in love and got married. ‘Singham’ is a common moniker for Manoj Sharma, an IPS agent. 

She has managed several duties in the execution of the tax regime. Her experience spans several departments, including Customs, Central Excise, and Service Tax. 

She has also actively participated in Goods and Services Tax (GST) department tax investigations.

Personal life of Shraddha Joshi 

Shraddha Joshi has an incredible love story with her husband, Manoj Kumar Sharma, an IPS officer from the 2005 batch. The couple married on December 5, 2005. 

Their experience has been inspirational, as Manoj’s proposal overcame early reservations brought on by academic disappointments. They are fortunate to have two children: Chia, a daughter, and Manas Sharma, a son. 

During their courtship, Manoj, who is currently Maharashtra’s Additional Director General of Police (ADGP), encountered resistance from Shraddha’s family. 

Shraddha Joshi Sharma Net Worth 

Even though Shraddha’s exact net worth is unknown, it’s likely that she makes a respectable salary in her role as an IRS officer. Based on rank and seniority, an IRS officer’s base pay scale is between Rs. 56,100 and Rs. 2,50,000 per month. 

Her income is influenced by extra expenses and benefits because of her roles as vice Chairperson of MAVIM and controlling director of MTDC.

Current Post of Shraddha Joshi 

Since September 30, 2022, Shraddha has served as the Managing Director of the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) in Mumbai. Since June 21, 2018, she has served as the vice chair and managing director of Mahila Arthik Vikas Mahamandal (MAVIM), Maharashtra’s women’s development corporation. 

In these capacities, she has been instrumental in putting different plans and initiatives for women’s advancement, tourism in rural areas promotion, and personal development group support into action.

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