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Refunds for electronic filings may take up to three weeks to process. Refunds for paper filers may take up to three months to arrive. Also, carefully read this article for a remedy if your concerns are related to your California tax return. 

Where’s My Refund CA

California taxpayers who filed a tax return are entitled for a refund and are presently awaiting the crediting of their refund to their accounts. The tax refund for qualified California taxpayers has still not been issued by the Franchise Tax Board. 

Extra processing time is required for FTB in order to protect taxpayers from fraud. Therefore, taxpayers should not fear as their tax refund will undoubtedly be credited to their account sooner or later. 

Those who got their tax refund but their check was misplaced or destroyed can get in touch by visiting the official website at https://www.ftb.ca.gov/. It is possible to track the status of your tax return by using Where’s my Return? 

Remember that if you submitted a paper return, you should wait around four weeks to find out the status of your refund. If you file electronically, you can often get that data back after a day.

How to check California Tax Return Status?

Refunds for electronically submitted California returns can take up to three weeks, while refunds for mail returns might take up to four weeks to complete. Refund processing may be impacted by returns that require more time to evaluate. 

Check the processing timelines for California returns and refunds as of right now. The State of California Franchise Tax Board’s Where’s my refund? The tool allows you to follow the progress of your reimbursement. 

  • For checking your refund status firstly you need to go at https://www.ftb.ca.gov/refund/index.php.
  • Then you need to collect the information as per the requirements such as Your Social Security or individual taxpayer ID number (ITIN), your exact tax refund amount, ZIP Code, your filing status, etc.
  • After providing all the details you have to tab the button of “Check.”
  • Then your tax status will be shown on screen in a while with the status of pending, rejected or issued. 

Where's My Refund CA

What “Where’s My Refund” Provide? 

“Where’s My Refund” will provide you with a customised refund date after the FTB has processed and authorised your reimbursement. Where’s My Refund? will show you the refund status for the selected tax year.

Three phases are used by the tracker to indicate progress:

  • Refund received 
  • Return Accepted 
  • Refund Issued

Using Where’s My Refund You must include your individual taxpayer ID number (ITIN) or Social Security number, your filing status, and the precise total of the anticipated refund.

Calculation mistakes and missing or incomplete information on your tax return may cause a delay in your California state refund. To protect taxpayers from fraud and identity theft, some tax returns also need to be reviewed further.

How long does it typically take to get CA Refund? 

To ensure accuracy and completeness, as well as to safeguard taxpayers against fraud and identity theft, certain tax returns require further assessment. It could require more time to process.

  • e-file: Up to 3 weeks. 
  • Paper: within three months. 

FTB will issue you a letter if the amount of your refund differs from what is shown on your tax return. Prior to contacting FTB, wait for that letter. 

If you received a larger or less refund than anticipated, it might mean that your tax return was altered or that you owed the government money. Your tax return may be modified by the Franchise Tax Board (FTB) if:

  • Their records don’t match your withholding and payments.
  • You have applied for a tax credit for which you are ineligible.
  • A previous tax debt was settled with your refund.

The FTB will issue you a Notice of Tax Return Change in certain circumstances, outlining the modifications and the revised refund amount.

What Happens If My CA Refund is Processed but Not Received?

If your paper check was lost or destroyed, or if the FTB “Check Your Refund” tool indicates that your refund was processed but you haven’t received it, you can get in touch with the FTB by phone at 800-852-5711 or using the chat option through your MyFTB account, if you have one.

Customer service is available via phone and chat from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST, Monday through Friday. The official will determine the payment of your tax return if it is misplaced or damaged.

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