WWE 2K24 Update 1.03: Enhanced Gameplay and Stability Fixes Unveiled

Visual Concepts has released version 1.03 of the WWE 2K24 update for the PS5 and PS4. The patch dated March 08, 2024, addresses stability issues and regular WWE 2K24 grooming. It also contains community-reported problems. The 1.03 Patch has a 3.2 GB volume.

WWE 2K24 Update 1.03

A new update for WWE 2K24 has just been released, bringing significant quality-of-life enhancements. The last two WWE video games from Visual Concepts have received a lot of praise for their well-done in-ring action, and WWE 2K24 is starting with a positive review. 

Before WWE 2K24 was released on March 8, players who pre-ordered one of the digital premium versions of the game could play it a few days early. Now, anyone can play and discover how this year’s version improves on previous entries. 

What can you Expect new and Repeated things in WWE 2K24 version 1.03?

As WWE celebrates the 40th anniversary of its annual WrestleMania event, players can assume control of well-known Superstars like Stone Cold Steve Austin, Rhea Ripley, and Roman Reigns as they experience some of their most significant and most unforgettable victories on the Grandest Stage of Those All in WWE 2K24’s Showcase Mode. 

A few of the most popular match styles from previous games, like casket matches, ambulance matches, and special guest referees, are also returning in WWE 2K24. In WWE 2K24, MyRise, MyGM, and MyFaction all make a comeback with enhanced features.

WWE 2K24 Update 1.03

WWE 2K24 Patch Notes for Version 1.03

Here we provided the patch notes that Visual Concepts has officially updated.

In general

  • Resolved concerns that were raised about the possibility of a crash happening when choosing any of the options in Community Creations
  • Resolved concerns raised about Bianca Belair’s alternative clothing
  • Resolved issues that were brought up regarding Chyna’s hair acting weirdly
  • Redressed complaints about the Ivy Nile 2 taunt and the switch for elevated triangle chokes that had been made.


  • Expanded the War Games’ online multiplayer experience
  • Handled concerns raised about a potential desync if props collided.


  • Resolved complaints about inaccurate match unbiased assessments that were made
  • Resolved issues that were brought up about the green rectangle that would appear on the boss superstar cards’ upper right corner.
  • Resolved issues raised by others about not being able to buy a destroyed boss card
  • Resolved issues raised concerning the inability to enter an active faction in the lineup if the necessary open spaces are absent.
  • Increased steadiness while looking at the leaderboards
  • Resolved issues that were brought up with entering rated play after using an activity card.
  • Resolved issues raised about the reported failure of Signature Blockbuster to finish the signed

Make a Superstar

  • Resolved issues that were brought up about the use of identical pictures on a Superstar that was counted against the total number of images.

Develop an Arena

  • Enhanced resizing of images in Universe


  • Numerous stability enhancements
  • Respond to issues raised by players about the Backstage Brawl match rules not applying when they enter a custom arena.

Why was there a WWE 2k24 update 1.03?

The community highlighted several flaws, and WWE 2K24 update 1.03 was issued to fix them and enhance gameplay overall. 

The update improved online gameplay and game modes including MyFACTION and Universe Mode in addition to fixing crashed character models and outfit problems. 

After a game launches, it’s typical for creators to offer patches to fix any unforeseen problems that players run into, making for a more seamless and pleasurable gaming experience.

Features of WWE 2K24 

WWE 2K24 is jam-packed with additions that improve the gameplay of the wrestling simulation. Here are a few of the salient attributes:

2K Showcase of the Immortals: 

  • Help WWE Legends win titles and reenact legendary moments from WrestleMania’s forty-year history.

New Types of Matches:

  • Savor brand-new match formats like Gauntlet, Ambulance, Guest Referee, and Casket contests, along with Backstage Brawl featuring numerous superstars.


  • In two thrilling career arcs with unique stories in the men’s and women’s sections, rise from a WWE Trainee to a WWE Champion.


  • Create the faction of your dreams by assembling Celebrities and Legends from all eras. Engage in multiplayer gaming and single-player games, including ranked quickplay1.


  • Take on the responsibilities of a general manager, create shows, select superstars, and take on other GMs and brands.


  • Take on the responsibilities of a general manager, create shows, select superstars, and take on other GMs and brands.

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