Chess Candidates Tournament 2024, Qualifying Path and Participants!

The next challenger to the World Chess Champion, Ding Liren, will be known to the world through the ongoing Chess Candidates Tournament. The article covers everything related to the 2024 Chess Candidates tournament from its contenders to the recent update.

Chess Candidates Tournament 2024

The FIDE Candidates Tournament 2024 began on 3 April 2024. The tournament will give us the challenger for the World Chess Championship 2024. The Candidates tournament is going on at The Great Hall, Toronto, Canada, for both the Men’s and Women’s Candidates Tournament. 

The tournament will go on till 22 April 2024 and we will know who has earned the right to challenge World Champions Ding Liren (Men’s Chess Champion ) and Ju Wenjun (Women’s Chess Champion).

The 2024 Chess Candidate Tournament will feature eight players from five nations fighting on the 64-squares chess landscape to challenge the World Championship title. 

The Chess Candidates tournament follows the double round robin, where all participants will play two games against every other player one with black pieces and once with white pieces.

Tournament Chess Candidates Tournament 2024
Organized by  (FIDE) World Chess Federation 
Venue The Great Hall, Toronto
Country Canada
Tournament Dates 3 April 2024 – 22 April 2024

Qualifying Path of the 2024 Chess Candidates Tournament 

The World Chess Federation has set the following qualifying path for choosing the candidates for the tournament:

  • The runner-up of the 2023 FIDE World Championship Match 2023 qualifies for the Candidates Tournament 2024.
  • Players who finished first, second, and third place in the Baku 2023 (FIDE World Cup 2023). If the players had already been entitled to the Candidates tournament or World Cup through any other path, the place would be offered to the player ranked fourth in the Baku 2023.
  • The players who finished first and second in the 2023 FIDE Grand Swiss Tournament will qualify for the Candidates Tournament 2024. If the players qualify for the tournament through other mentioned qualifying paths, the highest-placed player in the tournament will qualify for the Chess Candidates Tournament.
  • The player with the best performance in 2023 in High-Level International Chess FIDE Tournaments (HIT), and did not qualify for the 2024 Chess Candidates Tournament through the above paths.
  • The candidates are selected based on their January 2024 rating, and the candidates who have participated in at least four FIDE Circuit classical events.

If someone was reserved for the Candidates Tournament but withdrew from the tournament, then his place is given to the players who have not qualified for the tournament through the above qualifying paths or based on the Path 5 qualification.

Chess Candidates Tournament

Participants of the 2024 Chess Candidates Tournament 

As mentioned earlier, eight players from five countries are participating in the ongoing 2024 Chess Candidates Tournament. 

Let’s get you familiar with all the selected players for the Chess Candidates Tournament:

Male Participants:

Player Name & Country  Qualifying Method World Ranking
Ian Nepomniachtchi (Russian but flag is of FIDE) 2023 World Championship Runner-up 7
R Praggnanandhaa (INDIA) Top finishers of Chess World Cup  2023 14
Fabiano Caruana (USA) 2
Nijat Abasov (Azerbaijan) 114
Vidit Gujarathi (INDIA) First and second finisher of the 2023 FIDE Grand Swiss Tournament  25
Hikaru Nakamura (USA) 3
Alireza Firouzja Highest Rating for January 2024 List 6
Gukesh D (INDIA) Winner of the 2023 FIDE Circuit 16

Women’s Participants:

Player Name & Country  Qualifying Method World Ranking
Lei Tingjie (China) 2023 World Championship Runner-up 4
Kateryna Lagno (Russian but a flag is of Fide) Top finishers of Women’s Grand Prix 2022-23  6
Aleksandra Goryachkina (FIDE) 3
Nurgyull Salimova (Bulgaria) Top three finishers of Women’s World Chess Cup 2023 36
Anna Muzychuk (Ukraine) 8
Koneru Humpy (INDIA) Highest Rating for January 2024 List 5
R Vaishali (INDIA) Top finishers of the 2023 FIDE Women’s Grand Swiss Tournament  15
Tan Zhongyi (China) 5

Where to watch the Chess Candidates Tournament 2024?

The chess enthusiast can watch the Candidates Tournament free on the live stream of the FIDE Chess YouTube Channel from anywhere. 

The opening ceremony of the Tournament commenced on 3 April 2024 in Toronto, Canada, it was the first time that the Chess Candidates Tournament was held in North America.

The players were welcomed on the world stage for their wonderful performance and qualifying for the Candidates Tournament 2024. The first-round matches will begin on 4 April 2024 officially at 14:30 local time.

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