Grocery Rebate Canada 2024 Payment Date, Eligibility & Amount

New Grocery Rebate Canada 2024 will be available for those people who get the GST/HST Credit. The grocery payment amount may be available to the citizens in July 2024.

Grocery Rebate Canada 2024 Payment Date

Grocery Rebate Canada 2024, supplementary payments will assist Canadian families and individuals with modest to low incomes. They anticipate that the Grocery Rebate will be paid on in July 2024, like last it was paid on July 05.

You will receive a one-time payment from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) on in July 2024 if your total GST/HST credit for 2024 is less than $50 per quarter and meet the certain eligibility criteria.

Canada Grocery Rebate 2024 Eligibility

Like other government programs, the Grocery Rebate payout is subject to certain qualifying conditions to guarantee that only the nation’s eligible and in need citizens receive the benefits.

Grocery Rebate Canada Payment Date

Grocery Rebate Payment Amount 2024

The payment amount for 2024 will be based on your financial situation as of January 2024 and your adjusted family net income for 2022. It will also take into account if you are married and if you have kids.

  • For unmarried couples: $306
  • For singles and couples with a single child: $387
  • For singles and couples with two children: $467
  • For individuals and couples with three children: $548
  • For singles and couples with four children: $628
  • Those without children: $234
  • Seniors: $255

It is important to remember that you will receive a reduction in payments if the net income on your tax return is greater than $39,826. Generally speaking, the amount of your January 2024 GST/HST credit will be doubled by the grocery rebate.

Grocery Rebate Canada 2024 Plan

According to the Food Price Report 2023 for Canada, grocery costs may increase by up to 7% shortly. This suggests that a four-person Canadian family will spend more than $15,000 on food per year

Because low-income Canadian families will be disproportionately affected by this hike, the government developed the Grocery Rebate scheme in the summer of 2023. 

The federal government helps Canadians with lower incomes who are finding it difficult to keep up with rising food prices by providing a one-time payment known as the Grocery Rebate. 

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated that the proposal is meant to help those who are most negatively impacted by rising food prices. To find out if the rebate amount has been credited to your CRA account, you must log in.

How do I get my Grocery Rebate Payment 2024?

The following actions can be taken to guarantee that you get paid for your food rebate:

  • Even if you had no income to declare, be sure you have filed your 2023 tax return.
  • Verify whether you can get the GST/HST credit for January 2024 by consulting your Notice of (Re)determination.
  • If your family’s income or circumstances change, be sure to update your tax return information with the CRA.
  • Verify your account by CRA and all required documents. 

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  1. Certainly hope I don’t have to make at least 45,000$ To qualify for the rebate.

    “You qualify if you’re a Canadian single and make at least CAD 45,000.”
    I assume this is supposed to say make under 45,000$

      • You are so right. We are giving grocery rebates to struggling Canadians, yet find then million of Canadian tax payers money to spend on educating young people in Iraq. Maybe take care of every Canadian first before we splurge on others.

        • 100% agree. Fix the issues in our own Country before shipping off millions for other countries. The Average Canadian is struggling to put food on the table. More and more families are visiting food banks. The number of homeless people is growing all across Canada. The population of Canada has grown by over 500,000 all foreigners.

          • I totally agree with you and it should be for the poor and middle class. Justin Trudeau has raised our inflation on groceries tremendously so he can travel around the world with his fancy jet plane while most Canadians have to decide between paying their mortgage or rent then buy groceries. This yearly payment is a joke.

          • 100% U know it sister,my grandfather’s would b rolling in their Graves,knowing that they fought for our Country.
            We are starving n struggling to make rent n bills, food.They are starving us out,so they can feed,house n give $ for every immigrant coming into this country by the thousands. we have become the 3rd minority. ODSP,CPP,PENSIONS,don’t even give enough to cover rent ,food ,and that’s not including bills.ITS TIME WE THE PEOPLE say ENOUGH,🛑 STOP n VOTE NO TO JUSTIN TRUDEAU!!!
            It’s time we take Canada 🇨🇦 back,by making sure we the people don’t become homeless n not starve to death.
            Justin Trudeau needs to go,he’s embarrassed n made our BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY into a hurting,developing feed the rich starve the poor,fing JOKE.

          • The government and many people believe that immigrants grow our economy- but you just have to look at all the marginalized financially struggling people and homeless…. To see the situation is just the opposite. We can grow our economy as well, if all Canadians were given the right opportunities! And I Feel Like the minority going to apply for jobs now as a Caucasian English speaking female.
            My son is missing out on extracurricular activities and sports his peers are doing because I can not afford them due to the rising cost of living!
            This rebate is a great idea but it isn’t enough Obviously.

        • I 100% agree with you I have nothing against the refugees but we should get a 20,000 payment when we retire why not they get that to come live here and brand new everything it’s getting so bad they not only get the housing but all our jobs ei: tim Hortons, fast food places, grocery stores are just hiring them while we get to live in a tent and don’t get the job awesome way to put our country right into their hands we might at well bow down, us Canadians appreciate what we have even when we don’t have much were thankful I’ve had to use the foodbank a a few times and what I seen was ridiculous a bunch of refugee lady’s over taking what they were aloud , like it said take what you need they were boxes of Clementines well we took 2 maybe 3 because us as born and raised Canadians are considerate, well them they were taking 20 boxes no joke, now the people working there have to follow them around telling them to put stuff back so everybody gets some that’s the kind of stuff I don’t like or appreciate they should appreciate being here were it’s safe and they get education I don’t like greedy people and I feel all is Canadians are like that I sure hope our government starts taking care of us and stops bringing people to our country because one day soon it won’t be our country anymore and I’m not being ignorant or rude if we went to their country and acted like that we would be punnished so they know better just pretend to act like they don’t

          • 100 % agreed ! You couldn’t have stated facts better ! Canada has become the “land of opportunity” for others , Education, housing ,cars , living allowance heck Canada even will pay YOUVTO have kids !! ( CTB) This doesn’t promote safe sex,more diseases like HIV and AIDS to our populations .While-we True Canadians get thrown under the bus. While they are laughing all the wayto the bank !!!! Downtowns East side look like modern day refugee camps. Awe are one of Richest countries in the world arnt we !??? We are being taken over and destroyed ,we are going to suffer a complete collapse if nothing changes .

          • Yep. We are Considerate here. I had a foreign taxi driver yell at me yesterday for saying I would be outside in two minutes and he was mad he had to wait for me to put my shoes on, and then he just hung up. It was crazy rude for someone providing a service and intimidating for a woman. I’m in no way racist but that’s not the first incident there have been many similar to that I’ve had. I agree with you 100% about the employment and job situation, and it’s not ignorant or racist to post these opinions, they are all based on our experiencing the hardship and loss af employment opportunity firsthand- something people who work for the government don’t understand, and are doling out these small rebates that will only help for a month or two!

    • Right I so agree with you. It’s so pathetic. I go shopping for my 3 grandkids and I come out with 2 bags and it’s like $100 or more, it’s really sad the price of groceries .myself everyone should be getting the Rebate.

    • That would make a bit more sense !
      Or make it even for all that is low income
      400 a month
      Flat rate !
      That would help a little
      The couple hundred a year is a slap on the face of u ask me

  2. Groceries and all household supplies have increased immensely!!!!
    We definitely need grocery rebate every month!!!!!
    The prices are increasing on everything and not coming down!!!!!

  3. We need the grocery rebate every month. the rebate we get now will not last a full year, that’s a joke, why don’t we get a phamplet on what dental care we can receive?

  4. This information about receiving the grocery rebate on Jan. 5, 2024, is totally and completely FALSE information. There WILL NOT be any payment for the rebate until July 2024, and that is still a maybe.
    Get your act together and print the correct accurate information about everything. This makes me believe that your whole website is false and that people should not pay attention to your articles

    • just poked my balloon and here it goes laying on the ground now..thanks for informing I really wish that they whom print this shat would have true solid concise information on articles that are printed..especially about the government and its incurring it is’s false statement….

    • No its not false because mine went in this morning. Well, it’s suppose to be attached to the gst credit. My full payment was 220. My husband is disabled and had to leave my job so we live on his disability and we own our home. Times are tough and it shouldn’t be for the taxes we have paid. Sad.

    • You got that right I was expecting it to cause it said on the web that we were supposed to be getting it I am totally broke now can’t even get my son a birthday present like this is bull

    • I totally agree we the seniors are always left out being a diabetic can’t even buy the food to help control my sugars etc. So you the government should start helping us seniors cause it seems like you don’t care. Shame on you!!!

      • Do you own your home Sharon? I’m willing to bet you do. If your so hard up, maybe be time to sell that home, worth a whole lot more you paid for it many years ago I’m sure. The home you probably struggle to get around in, or have rooms in you don’t use anymore because your kids are gone and moved out, or a yard you can hardly maintain. And then buy a tiny condo for your remaining years and have hundreds of thousands of dollars to live off . The seniors are half the problem of this country currently, they are hoarding their properties and their money for zero reasons and still clambering they should be the ones taken care of . Just because of age . This is the other 50 percent of the issue currently in Canada, so don’t be getting it twisted that it’s just the immigrants fault. The elderly here are as much to blame. Any younger generation is becoming more and more screwed to set up their own lives because of there elders. Time to open your eyes


  5. They do this to us lower income people, because it part of their plan, They set us all up on the Cerb . So they can make more people be in a financial situation, now they rise everything up and blame it on covid a man made crock of shit .. The rich keep getting rich and the poor keeps getting poor..Watch the News why CEO people don’t work but make more money then anyone .. my point exactly!!!

  6. sorry Lise, my balloon also got poked and is lying on the ground too, things of this importance to people should not be allowed to be printed if they are false and the author knows that it is. I wish there were fines for people like this

  7. I too thought that the grocery rebate was included in the gst for 5 Jan 24.I guess one shouldn’t take anything for granted except to high food prices currently.At least the gst was paid out so that’s something anyway.

  8. Our gst/hst was much lower on Jan. 5th this year, even though it was supposed to be higher because of inflation. Our income did not change. The grocery rebate doesn’t come until July. We need to get rid of this government, end of story.

    • Inflation doesn’t increase your GST. Being low income does. But they have been taking any money owed back, which includes making cuts to GST payments until your debt is clear.

  9. I think they should put the limit to 75,000. My children have big mortgages, car Insurance,home insurance,
    So by the time all the payments are made little money left for groceries.
    They are just making a little higher then you say to qualify for food rebate.

  10. How can prices increase 7%? A rebate great but it barely covers one week’s worth of food for the average family. How can we survive, safe for retirement when the average salary increase is 2% if we are lucky enough to even receive one. Shame on grocery retailers. 7% increase yet even your own employees struggle to make ends meet at a3% increase.


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