IRS Free File – Guided Tax Preparation & Fillable Forms!

The IRS Free File is an online tax preparation service that allows individuals to prepare their tax returns and e-file them for free. It is available to people with an AGI of little more than $73,000 who are eligible for a free federal tax return.

IRS Free File

Individuals in the United States can prepare and electronically file their federal tax returns for free under the IRS Free File Program. Users can create or e-file their federal returns for taxes for free with Guided Tax Preparation or Fillable Forms 

Qualifying taxpayers can use IRS Free File software to prepare and file their federal income tax returns electronically. It is simple, safe, and cost-free for you.

Opening Date January 12, 2024
Participating Software Companies Accept completed tax returns, hold them until they can be filed electronically
Eligibility for IRS Free File Guided Tax Software Available only at, AGI of $79,000 or less in 2023
Free File Fillable Forms Availability January 29, 2024
E-filing Start Date for Free File Fillable Forms January 29, 2024
Free File Fillable Forms Eligibility Available at no cost to any income level

What is the IRS Free File?

The IRS Free File Program is a private-public relationship between the IRS and numerous software providers for tax preparation and filing, offering free online taxation preparation and filing services.

It offers people two free online options for preparing and filing their federal income tax:

  • Guided Tax Preparation
  • Free online tax planning and filing are offered by Guided Tax Preparation at an IRS partner website.
  • Qualifying taxpayers receive this benefit at no cost from our partners.
  • Taxpayers are eligible for an entirely free federal refund if their AGI is $73,000 or less.
  • Tax Preparation Guidance for AGI of $73,000 or less gives the application the job to do.
  • Fillable Forms
    • It is a digital version of federal tax forms, which are comparable to 1040 paper forms.
    • You ought to be able to file your taxes by following form instructions and, if necessary, consulting IRS publications.
    • It offers a free option for taxpayers with an adjusted gross income (AGI) of more than $73,000. You put all the effort into a fillable document.

IRS Free File

What do you require to file a tax return using the IRS Free File?

Documents which are required to file a tax return with the help of IRS Free File are as follows.

  • You have a copy of your most recent tax return
  • You have acceptable Social Security numbers
  • You have an income and invoices such as social security benefit
  • Forms 1099-INT, Form 1099-G, Forms 1099-DIV, Form 1099-R, ACA Filers, Form 1095-A, and Form 8962 are required to obtain your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI).
  • You should use the AGI from the previous year or a chosen signature PIN to sign and confirm your return if you’re filing electronically. 
  • If you are unsure of your AGI, log into your account on the internet to view your tax return from the previous year.
  • You must have a working email address to get notifications from the Free File software firm.

How to file a tax return using the IRS Free File? 

You have to start using to file. If you head straight to a company’s website, you won’t get the perks that are listed here.

  • Select the form: Guided Tax Preparation or Fillable Forms.
  • To create a fresh account or log in to an existing one if you are an existing user, you will be redirected to the IRS partner’s website.
  • Make sure you electronically file your government tax refund.
  • When the IRS accepts your return, you get an email.

The IRS Free File Program provides taxpayers with access to the most frequently submitted schedules and forms. Each Free File partner establishes its eligibility requirements, typically centered around state residency, earnings, and age.

What are the advantages of using the IRS Free File?

One of the many advantages of the Free File Program for taxpayers is the opportunity to receive a free federal tax return.

  • You can get an email inviting you to return to their services, and you won’t be paid for the federal tax return preparation or electronic filing. 
  • The program does not provide bank products with costs and forbids charging fees for filing federal returns.  
  • While fees might apply, partner companies might provide free state tax preparation. 
  • Every Free File provider warrants that the return computations are accurate. You can directly take up any issues you have with accuracy with the tax preparation business.
  • You can look for a better choice on the Free File website if you are not eligible for this offer. 
  • Additionally, IRS Free File offers an online lookup engine to assist you in locating the finest free choice.

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