NZ Super Payment Dates 2024 – When and who are going to receive it?

As the holiday cheer and celebrations are coming, the Final NZ Super payment for 2024 will be made on Tuesday, December 27 for January 2024, instead of the usual Tuesday schedule. 

NZ Super Payment Dates

To make your holiday celebrations even brighter, the last NZ Super payment of 2023 will be made on Friday, December 29, instead of the usual Tuesday, allowing for greater flexibility and financial peace of mind as you enter the new year. 

Month Direct Bank Deposit Payment Date
January Tuesday, 2nd (paid Friday 29th December)
Tuesday, 16th
Tuesday, 30th
February Tuesday, 13th
Tuesday, 27th
March Tuesday, 12th
Tuesday, 26th
April Tuesday, 9th (paid Friday 5th April)
Tuesday, 23rd
May Tuesday, 7th
Tuesday, 21st
June Tuesday, 4th (paid Saturday 1st June)
Tuesday, 18th
July Tuesday, 2nd
Tuesday, 16th
Tuesday, 30th
August Tuesday, 13th
Tuesday, 27th
September Tuesday, 10th
Tuesday, 24th
October Tuesday, 8th
Tuesday, 22nd (paid Saturday 19th October)
November Tuesday, 5th
Tuesday, 19th
December Tuesday, 3rd
Tuesday, 17th
Tuesday, 31st (paid Friday 27th December)

Regular fortnightly payments resume on Tuesday, January 02, 2024. Remember, due to the New Year’s Holiday, this payment will be slightly earlier than usual.

NZ Super Payment Eligibility 

Eligibility for NZ Super payment are available below.

  • Age: You must be 65 years old or older.
  • Citizenship/Residency: You need to be a New Zealand citizen, permanent resident, or hold a residence class visa.
  • Living in NZ: You must be living in New Zealand, the Cook Islands, Niue, or Tokelau when you apply.
  • NZ residence: You must have lived in New Zealand for at least 10 years since you turned 20, including 5 years since you turned 50. If you haven’t lived here for 10 years, you might be able to count time spent in other countries.
  • Working and income: You can still work and get NZ Super. Your income or assets don’t affect it, but income might affect other payments you get. It could also change your tax code and lower your NZ Super amount.
  • Overseas pensions: You can still get NZ Super even if you receive an overseas pension, but it might affect your NZ Super payment.

NZ Super Payment Dates

How to apply for NZ Super Payment?

Application Process:

  • Apply online:
    • Login to MyMSD with your client number and email/phone number.
    • Fill out the online form, providing your IRD number, bank details, and travel history.
    • Submit your form and download the “Next Steps” document.
    • Upload supporting documents like ID and bank statements.
    • Verify your identity online or visit a service centre.
  • Apply by paper form:
    • Download the form if you don’t have internet access.
    • Fill it out and send it with supporting documents to Work and Income.
    • Visit a service centre for help or to verify your identity.
  • After Applying:
    • If approved, you’ll receive a SuperGold Card for discounts and a “combo card” if you previously had a Community Services Card.
    • If you live in the Cook Islands, Niue, or Tokelau, complete and send the application form.
    • If you live in another country, contact Work and Income’s International Services team.

How much can you get for NZ Super?

The amount you receive for NZ Super depends on:

  • Your living situation: Whether you live alone, with a dependent child, or with someone else over 18 (not a dependent).
  • Your partner: Whether your partner also qualifies for NZ Super.
  • Your tax code: This depends on your total income (NZ Super and any other income).

Single persons:

  • Living alone or with a dependent child:
    • M tax code: $992.74 per fortnight
    • S tax code (17.5%): $955.04 per fortnight
    • Higher tax codes (30%, 33%, 39%): Lower payments
  • Living with someone other than a dependent child:
    • M tax code: $916.36 per fortnight
    • S tax code (17.5%): $878.66 per fortnight
    • Higher tax codes (30%, 33%, 39%): Lower payments


  • Both qualify for NZ Super:
    • M tax code: $763.64 each per fortnight
    • S tax code (17.5%): $725.94 each per fortnight
    • Higher tax codes (30%, 33%, 39%): Lower payments
  • Only one qualifies for NZ Super:
    • The qualifying person: Same as single person rates
    • The non-qualifying person: No NZ Super payment

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