President Day 2024 – What is it and why is it celebrated?

President’s Day, sometimes called Washington’s Birthday, is an official holiday observed in the United States of America on the birth of George Washington, the country’s first president. This year Presidents Day is celebrated on Monday, February 19, 2024

President Day 2024 

Washington’s Anniversary is the official name of the celebrated national holiday, even though it is more commonly known as “Presidents’ Day.”It has never been required by Congress or the President to alter the title of the holiday celebrated as Washington’s Birthday to Presidents’ Day. 

Furthermore, each state is free to choose which holidays are officially recognized; Congress has never established a national holiday that must be observed in all states. 

As Washington puts it in his farewell speech, the “cherished Law and partnership, as inherited from the Entrepreneurs,” and the creation of our country are all things that we might consider when we celebrate Presidents’ Day.

Additionally, since February 12th is the date of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, we can honor another notable president by renaming the holiday “Presidents’ Day.” Presidents’ Day falls on the third Monday in February all the time. Presidents’ Day falls on Monday, February 19, in 2024. 

History of the President’s Day 

George Washington, the nation’s first president, was given his official holiday, Washington’s Birthday, in 1885 by the US government. It was observed on February 22, Washington’s real birthday. The occasion for this event was on Sunday in 1885.

In the past, George Washington’s birthday wasn’t officially recognized as a federal holiday by Congress until a few months following his passing. 

President Rutherford B. Hayes did not declare Washington’s birthday a public holiday until 1879, at which point it was set to be honored on February 22, Washington’s birthday.  

Up till far into the 20th century, February 22 was set aside as the USA’s birthday. The US Congress moved the date of Washington’s celebrations to the 3rd Monday in February in 1971, over a century after he was born. 

The Monday Holiday Law was enacted by Congress in 1968 to establish uniform yearly ceremonies for particular statutory holidays that occur on Mondays. Congress intended to “take significant advantages for both the metaphysical and financial well-being of the Nation” by extending the 3-a-day weekend.

President Day

Is President’s Day observed as an official holiday?

In every US state, Presidents’ Day, also known as Washington’s Birthday, is a national holiday. Typically, government workers get a full day free from work. 

On that particular day, 41 US states have declared a state holiday, which is typically referred to as “Presidents’ Day,” “Washington’s Birthday,” or a variant of them. 

State breaks can also be observed as ceremonies; to determine if Presidents’ Day is an official holiday in your state, please see your local government’s guidelines and laws.

What services are available or not on President’s Day 2024?

The third Monday in February is designated Presidents’ Day, or “Washington’s Birthday,” as an official holiday in the USA. Presidents’ Day is a statutory holiday, meaning that government offices, including USPS post offices, are closed. 

Personal mail and distribution services, in addition to private enterprises, are typically open. The public transportation system typically runs on Saturdays. Below are some services discussed.


  • Presidents Day is the United States Federal Reserve System bank break, the majority of banks will be closed. Notably, electronic banking and ATMs are machines that at different financial institutions will be operational on Monday, along with TD Bank’s opening. The Stock Exchange in New York will be closed.

Governmental organizations and educational institutions

  • On Monday, all federal, state, county, and local non-essential government offices including the DMV, library resources, tribunals, and city hall—will be shuttered. State and federal courts will also be shuttered. For the holiday, the majority of public educational institutions will also be closed.


  • The majority of shops and eateries will be open on Monday; nevertheless, confirm with nearby establishments. Most supermarkets and shops like Walmart and  Target will be open.

President’s Day customs and the states that observe this holiday

On the third Monday in February, the United States celebrates the George Washington Birthday as a national holiday. Presidents’ Day is customarily observed as a moment of celebration and reflection for our country, much like Independence Day. 

Cherry pie is a dish that has been generally associated with the festival. It depends on the story of George Washington, when he was younger, down a tree of cherries as an homage to the admiral who designed the first military medal of distinction for the average soldier. 

A dedication to the Purple Heart medal, which is given to troops who are wounded in combat, is another aspect of the festival. The origins of the festival are celebrated in the communities of Texas, Alexandria, Florida, Eustis, Florida, Denver, and Mount Vernon. 

The United States Congress has commemorated the day with a Departure Speech every year since 1862.

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