Stimulus Checks 2024 – Eligibility, Status & Payment Methods

No more stimulus checks are being issued by the federal government. With the pandemic receding and economic indicators pointing towards recovery, the prospects for further stimulus checks in 2024 appear low.

Stimulus Checks 2024

The speculation regarding a fourth round of stimulus payments persists, it is important to acknowledge the official stance: the distribution of the $1400 stimulus program has concluded, and further direct payments are not currently confirmed. 

Officials have explicitly rejected calls for further direct payments, citing factors such as the improving economic climate and concerns about fiscal responsibility. This stance effectively puts to rest any immediate hopes for a renewed stimulus program mirroring the $1400 initiative.

Eligibility for IRS Fourth Stimulus Check 2024

While the current landscape suggests no immediate issuance of a fourth stimulus check, understanding the eligibility criteria for the previous $1400 program remains valuable for gaining insights about future programs. Here’s who likely qualified before:

Income Thresholds:

  • Individuals: To qualify as an individual recipient, your adjusted gross income (AGI) needed to be less than $75,000.
  • Heads of Household: If you filed your taxes as a head of household, the eligibility threshold for receiving the check rose to $112,500.
  • Married Couples Filing Jointly: Married couples filing jointly could receive the stimulus payment if their combined AGI remained below $150,000.


  • Dependents, such as children under the age of 17, of qualifying individuals were also eligible for separate payments. The amount received for each dependent mirrored the individual’s payment.

Official Sources Paint a Clear Picture:

  • The United States Congress: Currently, there are no bills or proposals actively under consideration in Congress that would authorize the distribution of a fourth round of federal stimulus checks.
  • The White House: The Biden administration has not made any official announcements regarding plans for further stimulus payments in 2024.
  • The Internal Revenue Service (IRS):The IRS, responsible for issuing stimulus checks, has not released any guidance or information suggesting upcoming rounds of payments.

Stimulus Checks 2024

Reasons for the diminished likelihood of Stimulus Checks 2023:

Several factors contribute to the unlikelihood of stimulus checks in 2024:

  • Improved Economic Conditions: The U.S. economy has rebounded significantly from the pandemic lows. Unemployment rates have fallen, and economic growth is projected to remain positive in 2024.
  • Shifting Priorities: With the immediate economic crisis receding, policymakers’ focus has shifted towards other priorities, such as inflation control and addressing the national debt.
  • Political Considerations: Approaching the 2024 presidential election, fiscal responsibility and concerns about inflation might influence policymakers’ decisions regarding further stimulus spending.

Status of Stimulus Check 2024

While speculation about a fourth round of stimulus checks swirls, understanding the status of your past payments, particularly the $1400 check, remains relevant.

While tracking new payments is no longer possible, accessing information about your completed $1400 payment is still quite accessible in two ways:

Your IRS Online Account:

  • Log in using your Social Security number, date of birth, and address.
  • Go to the “Tax Records” tab and find the “Economic Impact Payment Information” section.
  • This section will display the total amount of your $1400 stimulus check, as well as any other Economic Impact Payments you might have received.

IRS Notices 1444 and 1444-B:

  • If you received your $1400 check by mail, the IRS sent you paper notices (1444 and 1444-B) detailing the amount of your first and second Economic Impact Payments.
  • These notices serve as proof of payment and can be used to track the status of your mailed check.

Stimulus Check Payment Methods

While the current landscape suggests no immediate issuance of a fourth stimulus check, understanding the payment methods used for the previous $1400 program can be informative for future developments or when exploring alternative forms of support.

Direct Deposit 

  • This was the preferred and fastest method for receiving the $1400 stimulus check. The IRS used bank account information from your most recent tax return to automatically deposit the payment.

Paper Check: 

  • If the IRS couldn’t find your bank account information or if you opted out of direct deposit, you received the stimulus check via mail. This delivery method, while slower, ensured everyone received their payment even without a bank account.

Economic Impact Payment Cards: 

  • For some recipients, particularly those whose addresses were outdated or who had experienced issues with previous mail deliveries, the IRS issued the $1400 stimulus check on an Economic Impact Payment (EIP) card. 

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