Ukraine Aid Bill 2024 – What is it? Find out the lastest details here!

Recently, the US Senate voted to pass a foreign aid bill for Ukraine, Israel, and other humanitarian assistance. It’s a total of $95.34 billion in financial assistance under which Ukraine has the largest share. And since the news of the Ukraine aid bill has been out it’s been in the headlines.

Ukraine Aid Bill 2024

On 9 February, the US Senate voted for the passing of the $95.34 billion foreign aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, some may go to other humanitarian assistance such as Gaza.

Out of the $95.34 billion aid, $60 billion will go to Ukraine, $14 billion to Israel, and $ 9 billion will be contributed to other humanitarian assistance. 

The Republicans opposed Ukraine’s $61 billion aid without any border provisions in the recent meeting which may delay the proceedings of the bill. 

And on Wednesday’s session, 17 GOP senators joined the Democrats in support of the bill and to move forward with the bill proceeding. All the 100 senators’ agreement for the aid is needed to pass it quickly and make a law. 

Republicans’ reasons for opposing the Ukraine aid bill

As mentioned earlier, Republicans are opposing the Ukraine aid bill. They are insisting the Chamber proceed with the Ukraine bill with all the border provisions to secure the US- Mexico borders and stop the illegal border crossings. 

They initially asked for border security to be part of the bill but now they are rejecting the bipartisan deal. On Friday, the bill passed with a simple majority as some Republicans supported the measures but still, it’s unclear. 

The next session is on Sunday and if Republicans stand with the same vision toward the bill, it could decline the Ukraine aid from the bill. 

And if the bill passes it will go to the House, where it will take the role of law, but still, it’s unclear as many House Republicans are not in favor of this bill.

Ukraine Aid Bill

How much US has provided to Ukraine all these years?

Over the years, the US has provided billions of dollars to Ukraine as humanitarian assistance. The US has provided financial, and war support by providing them with weapons and other assistance. 

According to the Kiel Institute, so far the US has offered more than 75 dollars to Ukraine. It’s been at the top of the list in US humanitarian assistance-receiving countries. 

Since the war began between Russia and Ukraine, the US has been providing financial, military, and administrative support to Ukraine.

In 2023, an act was passed titled as Ukraine Security Assistance and Oversight Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2024, it provided security assistance to Ukraine. 

  • Under this bill, the funds go to the Department of Defence (DOD) and establish the Office of the Special Inspector for Ukraine Assistance.
  • Ukraine’s national security forces or groups resisting Russia were granted military assistance and equipment.
  • The funds are provided to replace weapons offered to Ukraine from the US inventory.

Duties of Special Inspector for Ukraine Assistance

Under the bill, the duties of the Office of Special Inspector for Ukraine Assistance are stated as:

  • The Office would supervise investigations and conduct the audit related to the assistance and operations of the fund given to Ukraine.
  •  The office will make sure that the program is well-coordinated with policies and make recommendations to avoid waste, abuse, and fraud.
  • The office will keep the DOD, the Department of State, and Congress updated about the deficiencies, problems, and the requirement for correct actions. 

The US has provided military assistance from Javelin missiles to 20 Mi-17 helicopters. It’s been two years since the war started and the US Biden government is only behind the EU institutions in terms of assisting Ukraine. 

Aids to Ukraine from all over the world.

Since the war began, many countries have supported Ukraine to fight the big giant Russia. According to a Kiel Institute report, around 47 countries have provided military aid to Ukraine. 

And some countries are providing more than their countries’ economies such as Norway, Lithuania, and Estonia.

As reported in Nov 2023, Ukraine has received aid of over $230 billion from all over the world after the invasion of Russia. In this aid assistance EU institutions and the US are the biggest aid provider to Ukraine.

Overall, the Ukraine aid bill 2024 where the US will provide Ukraine $61 billion is still in question. There will be many eyes on the Sunday Session and if the bill passes then the road to the House is still not easy for the bill. 

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