US Election 2024 Date: Key Information and Election Overview

The four-year tenure of the Joe Biden government will end in 2024. The United States people will elect a new President and Vice-President of the USA in the upcoming election. People are speculating about the candidates and who is ahead in the election. 

US Election 2024 Date

The 2024 US election will be held on 5 November 2024. The US presidential elections are conducted every four years, this year, it will be the 60th Presidential election.

The US presidential elections are dominated by two parties mainly – the Democrats and Republican parties. The Democratic Party is one of the oldest Parties in the political diaspora of the US. The Current President Joe Biden comes from this party. 

The Republican Party has been the main rival of the Democratic Party since 1850. The party also goes by the name of Grand Old Party. Former President Donald Trump hails from the Republican Party. 

Following the 2024 US election, an important event is going on in the United States called Super Tuesday, which was scheduled for 5 March 2024.  

Concept of US Presidential Elections

The US electoral system consists of a provision of the Electoral College, in which the Americans select a group of individuals who together create the Electoral College. 

Under the US Constitution, every state has a particular number of electoral votes based on its population. The People of the US choose the 538 individuals through the votes, making them members of the Electoral College.

The electoral system of the United States gives power to people to dictate the state-level election. The President is not elected through the general election, the Electoral College will formally elect the Presidential ticket. 

The system allows the “Winner takes it all” system in all states except Maine and Nebraska, where the winner with the highest votes will receive all the state’s electoral college votes. 

In the end, the President is elected by the electoral college, not by the general elections. 

That’s why, we have seen many times that the candidate who won the most votes in state-level contests has not acquired the Presidential position, as he/she was defeated by the Electoral College.

US Election 2024 Date

Candidates of the 2024 US Election

The current President Biden will recontest in the 2024 US election from the Democratic Party. The candidate from the Republican Party is yet to be announced, but it is most likely that Donald Trump will be the presidential candidate of the Republican Party.

Let’s see all the key players of the 2024 General election and their winning path:

Candidate Name Home State Contests Won  Delegates Won  Total Popular vote
Joe Biden Delaware 18 1,707 959,934
Dean Philips Minnesota None 0 47,589
Marianne Williamson California none 0 34,931

These are the declared candidates of the Democrats we have other potential names such as Donald Trump, Nikki Haley, and Jason Palmer.

The race started with 15 candidates for the Presidential Candidates – nine Republicans, four Democrats, and two independent leaders. But now, some have withdrawn from the race of the US Presidential elections such as Kennedy, Burgum, Suarez, etc. 

Amidst all the candidates two names are dominating the 2024 US election – Joe Biden and Donald Trump. 

  • President Joe Biden: The current President of the US is 60 years old, and he has held many positions in his political career. He was the vice president of the United States in the tenure of 2009-2017 and the US senator from Delaware (1973-2009). 
  • Donald Trump: The former President of the United States is popular among the Republicans despite the allegations of many scandals during his government. If he comes back as the Presidential Candidate of the Republican Party then he will be the second in history who has returned to the Oval Office after his ouster.

Super Tuesday Trends and Current Happenings

The Super Tuesday trends show Donald Trump and Joe Biden as the Presidential candidates of the Republican and Democratic Parties, respectively. 

The Americans of the 15 states have cast their vote for the presidential candidate and till now,  Trump won all his contests except for Vermont. 

President Biden also won all his contests except in the territory of American Samoa.

The 2024 US election will elect the person sitting in the White House, the President of the US. The outcome of the US election will affect many countries and the people of America.

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