VYBZ Kartel Release Date – Check the latest updates on this case!

Isat Buchanan, the lawyer for “King of Dancehall” Vybz Kartel, expressed his excitement to deliver the Fever deejay’s last appeal before the UK’s Judicial Committee of the Privy Council on Wednesday and Thursday, February 14–15, to DancehallMag on Sunday. 

VYBZ Kartel Release Date

The popular dancehall genre artist from Jamaica, Vybz Kartel, requested on Wednesday that his murder conviction be overturned in a London court. He cited efforts to influence the prosecution and jury and the distribution of damning communications as reasons why his conviction is dubious.

The songwriter and musician, whose full name is Adidja Palmer, is among the most well-known in Jamaica and has worked with singers like Rihanna and Jay-Z.

Since his arrest in 2011 over the unsolved kidnapping of his accomplice Clifford “Lizard” Williams, Kartel, 48, has been incarcerated in Jamaica. The court will decide about the VYBZ Kartel case on Thursday 15 February 2024.

What did the prosecutor state about VYBZ Kartel? 

According to the prosecution, Williams and an additional individual misplaced two guns, which is why Kartel’s house was the scene of Williams’ murder. They depended on communications from one of Kartel’s teammates and Williams before his purported murder, among other messages. 

However, Kartel and his co-defendants’ attorneys argue that the messages were collected illegally in Jamaica and shouldn’t have been shown to the jury.

They further contend that the trial judge erred in his handling of claims that a juror had offered fellow jurors 500,000 Jamaican dollars ($3,200) in exchange for innocent verdicts, which could have appeared to be “the behavior of the criminal men” and prejudiced the jury.

VYBZ Kartel Release Date

What is the lawyer’s argument in Kartel Release Date? 

The judge who heard the case was correct, according to the attorneys for the Jamaican investigators, to admit the communications into evidence and to handle the jury in that manner.

In court documents, Peter Knox stated, “The proof in the proceeding involving all the respondents was excessive, specifically in regards to Mr Palmer.”

He continued: “Even though they had abnormalities in the proceedings, they did not end up resulting in an important perversion of justice.” The appeal ends on Thursday, and a decision is anticipated later. 

What is the solid evidence against VYBZ Kartel? 

The solid evidence is listed below in the VYBZ Kartel case.

Cell phone 

  • Ten cell phones were taken by authorities in 2011, four of which belonged to musician MC Kartel and were purportedly connected to the death of Williams.
  • Information from these mobile phones, involving a SIM card and a BlackBerry Torch, was significantly used by the prosecution. The respondents contested the telecoms evidence’s legality, claiming it violated Jamaica’s Charter of Basic Human Rights and Freedoms and the Surveillance of Telecommunications Act.

Allegations of Jury Tampering

  • A claim that a juror had bought a jury forewoman with JMD 500,000 to sway the panel’s verdict away from guilt was unearthed by Justice Lennox Campbell. Following an investigation, the trial was held, and one juror, Livingston Caine, was given a 12-month sentence in prison for trying to stifle judgment in Kartel’s case.

Overseeing Jury Discussions

  • Kartel and the other defendants contest Justice Campbell’s choice to send the panel to deliberate for a verdict so late in the day, implying that this was done to put pressure on them to reach a result. The appellants were found guilty by the jury, which returned a 10-1 majority.

What is the case history? 

In an attempt to provide fresh proof, Vybz Kartel and his co-appellants claimed that Kartel’s cellphone had been tampered with while it was in police custody. But in February 2023, the Privy Council rejected these requests. 

The appeal was scheduled to begin in July 2023 by the UK court, but Kartel’s fight against Graves’ illness resulted in an earlier date. Lamar “Wee” Chow, the testimony of witnesses who described what happened inside Fever Deejay’s home in Havendale, St. 

Andrew on August 16, 2011, was a key source of information for the prosecution. According to Chow’s testimony, Shawn Storm and Williams went with him to Kartel’s house after receiving a call regarding stolen weapons. 

Williams was dragged back into the room by Kartel and Storm, where he discovered Lizard lying on his back, lifeless. Chow stated that he ran from the residence once more, this time by jumping over a gate, out of fear for his safety. In the initial trial, Kartel’s defense cast doubt on Chow’s reliability by pointing to his contradictory version of events. 

Vanessa Bling, well-known for her “travel or death” hits “Everything A Something” and “A Single Man” with Kartel, became involved in the case as well after reporting to the authorities that she had been robbed by Williams following his death.

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