Accufit Class Action Settlement Form, Deadline, Eligibility, How to apply?

A class action settlement payout of up to $50 may be due to U.S. residents who bought prescription eyeglasses from LensCrafters throughout the country after receiving an AccuFit fitting between September 5, 2013, and September 20, 2023.

Accufit Class Action Settlement

Customers of the prescription eyeglass retailer LensCrafters sued, alleging the company misled them about how accurately their Accufit system was able to gauge their eyes. LensCrafters settled the claim by agreeing to pay $39 million.

A judge’s approval is needed for the preliminary settlement of the class-action lawsuit, which has been ongoing for almost six years and was submitted on Monday night in federal court in Brooklyn.

 LensCrafters vehemently disputes the claims made by the plaintiffs and says it has never made any inaccurate or deceptive claims regarding AccuFit. 

The Court hasn’t decided who is correct or wrong. If accepted, the settlement will shield LensCrafters from responsibility to Class Members and save Plaintiffs and LensCrafters from the expenses and dangers of litigation.

By claiming that Accufit was up to five times more accurate than other measurement techniques down to a tenth of a millimeter and provided clients with clearer, crisper vision so they could see the world more clearly, LensCrafters was charged with breaking the laws governing consumer protection in New York, California, and Florida.

Eligibility for Accufit Class Action Settlement Claim Form 

Eligibility for accufit class action settlement is given.

  • Any and all American consumers who bought prescription eyeglasses between September 5, 2013, and September 20, 2023 after receiving an AccuFit fitting are covered by the class-action lawsuit settlement. 
  • Individuals connected to LensCrafters or the current class-action lawsuit are not included in the class and cannot be compensated through settlement.
  • For every pair of prescription glasses that a qualified customer purchases from LensCrafters, they may be able to receive up to $50.

How to file for an Accufit class action Settlement Claim? 

A step-by-step guide to filing a claim for Settlement is available below.

Accufit Class Action Settlement

  • Navigate to the website. 
  • Hit the submit claim option that appears on screen. 
  • Enter your class member ID. 
  • Hit the login button. 
  • Enter all necessary details such as name, email, phone, city, etc. 
  • Attach the required documents if needed. 
  • Fill the recaptcha option. 
  • Verify your details. 
  • Hit the submit button. 

What is this lawsuit about?  

In a class-action lawsuit, the plaintiff, also called the class representative, files the complaint on behalf of all parties with comparable claims or grievances. A portion of the planned $39 million class action settlement may be yours if you bought glasses from a LensCrafters store within the previous ten years.

The eyewear company is accused of making fraudulent claims about its AccuFit system, an electronic assessment tool that promises to give clients a “more obvious, sharper perception,” according to the legal action, which was submitted in New York. 

Customers of LensCrafters countrywide who bought prescription eyeglasses between September 2013 and September 2023 and choose to enroll in AccuFit will get a single payment.

When can you expect to receive your money? 

By April 26, 2024, at the latest, clients must fill out a claim form to be eligible for a settlement payout. You won’t be compensated if you don’t submit a legitimate claim form before the deadline.

In addition to losing their ability to sue LensCrafters for these problems, those who choose not to submit a claim will also be legally obligated by any rulings and orders the court renders about the lawsuit. The following are some significant dates to remember: 

  • Deadline for objections is Monday, January 24.
  • Deadline for exclusion is Monday, February 5.
  • The final hearing for approval is set for Monday, February 26. 
  • The deadline for claims is Friday, April 26. 

Court hearing for the settlement approval 

The parties decided to end the legal dispute by accepting a settlement offer, which the court has not yet approved.  Regarding the impending payment, LensCrafters has refuted any wrongdoing and stated it is confident in the caliber of its prescription glasses and contacts.  

Court filings show that the corporation continued by stating that it never made significant errors about AccuFit or its production process. The date of the Final settlement Approval Hearing is going to be held on  Monday, February 26, 2024. In which the court decides if they accept or reject the claim. 

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