African Games 2024 Date, Venue and List of Sports!

Africa is all ready to host the 13th African Games 2024. The all-African games were held from 8 March to 23 March 2024 in Ghana. The multi-sport event will witness an exciting contest between athletes and rejuvenate the spirit of the Olympics. 

African Games 2024

The 13th African Games were previously due to take place Aug 2023, but due to economic problems, delays in preparations, and issues between shareholders, it was moved to 2024. Three cities in the country will host the 13th African Games, making it only the second decentralized game in history. The three cities are Kumasi, Accra, and Cape Coast. 

Ghana is all set to host the 13th African Games in the beautiful city of Accra from 8th March. The 15-day event will end on 24th March 2024, where thousands of athletes will take part in the event.

Event 13th African Games 2024
Host City Accra, Ghana
Opening date 8 March 2024
Closing Date 23 March 2024
Organized by  African Union
Torch Lighter Benjamin Azamati
Participating Nations 53 (expected)

The African Games are arranged and managed by the African Union (AU) to bring athletes from the African continent and give them a platform to showcase their talents on a global level. 

After signing a Negotiation Agreement in February 2023 in Ethiopia on the Management and Organization of the 13th African Games, the games are organized in coalition with the Associations of Africa Sports Confederations (AASC) and the Association of National Olympic Committee of Africa (ANOCA).

The Games are arranged every four years, a year before the Olympics. As mentioned earlier, it is being organized in 2024 due to some issues.  

The African Games is an essential event for African athletes as it is an official qualifier for the 2024 Paris Olympics.  

The event showcases the talents of Africa, celebrates the African culture, and promotes strength and integration.  Thus, the event not only holds athletic value but also fosters social harmony and cultural peace in Africa.

Logo and Mascot of the 13th African Games 

The logo and the mascot of the 13th African Games were unveiled in December 2021 by the organizing committee. 

The Mascot of the event is called “asɔkɔdeɛ,” which is an anthropomorphic eagle wearing a Ghanaian flag. The meaning of the name is eagle which is an Akan-Twi. Frank Fifi Forson designed the mascot for the event.

The logo of the event includes seven elements, such as Athlete, African map, Ghana Map, Black star, Racetrack, etc.

African Games

Venue for the 13th African Games 2024

The main venue for the event is Accra Borteyman Olympic Standard Stadium, which has the capacity of 50,000.

Ghana has invested in many venues to provide better facilities across all the venues. They have invested in freshly built Olympic Stadium and Aquatic Centers to provide the international level of competition.

The opening and closing ceremony of the 13th Asian Games will be held at Accra Sports Stadium. Apart from this, the other venues decided for the event are the University of Ghana Stadium, Borteyman Sports Complex, Theodosia Okoh Hockey Stadium, and Achimota Oval. 

Sports of the 13th African Games

According to the information released by the 13th African Games organizers, a total of 23 sports codes will take place in the event.

Cricket is going to make its debut in the event with arm wrestling and rugby. 

The following sports of the 13th African Games 2024 will be organized in the multi-spot event of the African Games:

  • Badminton
  • Tennis
  • Arm-Wrestling
  • Athletics
  • Boxing
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Chess
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Cycling
  • Judo
  • Hockey
  • Handball
  • Rugby
  • Karate-Do 
  • Taekwondo
  • Triathlon
  • Table Tennis
  • Aquatics
  • Volleyball
  • Wrestling
  • Weightlifting
  • Squash

Out of these 23 sports, seven sports (Cycling, Triathlon, Badminton, Tennis, Wrestling, and Table Tennis) will be qualifiers for the Paris Olympics. 

The ACCRA 2023 games will also feature some demonstration games to showcase emerging talents. The demonstration Sports of the African Games includes:

  • Sambo
  • E-sports
  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • Teqball
  • Scrabble
  • Pickleball
  • Speed-ball

Ghana is all ready for the upcoming 13th African Games. According to reports, around 4000 athletes are expected to attend the event across the African continent. Soon the action will begin in Africa and the thrill of the African game will enhance the spirit of sports in Africa.

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